Farewell to Rockdale, Hello Clarksdale

Last night I played my farewell gig in Sydney at Frankies Pizza. My wife Naomi, and our great danes Levon, Delta and Terrier Muddy Waters arrive in the USA to begin our new adventure. Last night was awesome! Playing with such gifted musicians and master improvisers was a great way to send off. Life is funny, here in Sydney I finally find a super band, my dream band in fact, and now I am leaving. Not that I'm complaining, I will get the chance to play with some great musicians in the Mississippi, but having that bond with a band, a team is something that every muso yearns for, and I am lucky to even have it for a short time. If all goes to plan I will bring the guys over to Mississippi and Clarksdale during festival season. So, next week we leave for Clarksdale, we have purchased a business and will be transforming into a Diner called The Drug Store Diner. I will be in the kitchen and Naomi will be out front. We will have Toby's Estate Coffee, Craft Beer, Artisan Sandwiches and Meatballs. That's right Clarksdale, say hello to my balls. They're a little bit saucy, and fancy my balls they are. Check em out they're pictured. We will have some pretty tasty sandwiches too. Wanna see, my italian stallion sandwich. Boom here it is
We will be having some fine local Clarksdale and Mississippi musician to play some delta blues and we will be pumping out some great background tunes to set the mood.
I will attempt to blog more often and keep you up to date on the move and the adventures of an Australian in the Mississippi Delta. It is a stupendously brave move, but if you know us, you know we don't do things by halves, we just jump in and things kinda work themselves out along the way. We' re gonna live and laugh our way through this life.
Here is a snippet from last night's show..


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